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Get Ready, I'm Pushing the Reset Button.

I have been a teacher, a church children's director, a development manager in the non profit world, a manager in the business world. I actually enjoyed parking in the parking garage and walking to lunches with friends, but what I did not enjoy was myself as a people pleaser that was still struggling to keep up. Work, work, crash. Since leaving this world, I am still learning to live life, to the point that I have had panic attacks sitting in the car driving as if I had a deadline or someone I was supposed to let know I was driving somewhere. I have instead found joy in being in the drop off line, stopping to get coffee on the way to a walk in park on my way back home, sitting in workshops to learn again, meeting up with long lost friends, and so much more that has filled my soul again. Feeling pretty blessed these days.

My 'aha' moment was that I don't have the boundaries to create anymore. No one is telling me what I should/shouldn't sell and/or create, or at least the suggestions are staying in the suggestion box while I give myself permission to dig a little deeper into what I actually enjoy creating. My little business was created with inspiration and fulfills creativity that runs through my veins. If you know me, I'm a lot of extra, full of flare, and I'm old enough to not apologize for my flare. Instead, I'm taking it in as the biggest compliment. My treasures are not intended for everyone, but there is someone that will be excited to find their treasure here and I hope that is you.

This also means you'll find treasures outside of my typical naturally inspired resin as well as I press the reset button. Vintage items that have caught my eye and possibly yours, sets of coastal cards, or personalized seasonal graphics created and printed just for you. These will be new items I'm excited to introduce to my line of treasures. Christmas cards are coming soon and a reset journal that will be just the thing on your desk to escape a stressful day. Catch the first volume coming soon or preorder yours through my online shop, so it will be hot off the press for you. I'm pressing my reset button to best share what inspires me, with you.

Continue to follow my IG (@clearlycrystalc) and join my FB group to find local pop up shops and treasures being released. Look for new treasures to pop up in my online shop, TheAwkwardFlamingo. Don't forget to visit my case at Southland Artisan Gift Shop if you are heading to the Outer Banks on a seasonal vacay. If you are local to coastal VA, invite me for a pop up shop at your event. Most importantly, thank you for your continued support. Your supports is crucial to this momma and her twins' big dreams!

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